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Broken Glass Part 1

Rated R
Original Story

The ice had formed a layer over the snow, like glass, thin and fragile. There was snow falling gently through the cold air of the dark night, creating another layer, an illusion that it was all pure snow, soft and innocent. Two pairs of feet troddened through these layers, giving them not a bit of thought, except that their path had been covered by at least an inch of snow in the last couple hours. Another pair of feet came closely behind them, these steps though were light and almost careful, but completely sure and graceful.

The way a person walks tells more about them than many realize, and these things are left imprinted in the snow along with their footprints. The steps of the first two girls showed them to be tired and weary travelers, though they'd only walked no more than a tenth of a mile since they'd left the cinema. The third girl's steps were smaller, no drag from trying to walk without picking up her feet any higher than necessary. No, she was sure and conscious, alert to her surroundings. Her senses flowed and reached out, far beyond what her companions could ever have hoped to reach.

The two girls talked almost to the point of babbling and rambling, amiably about the movie they'd just been to see. She was silent though, paying only enough attention to be sure that they weren't expecting any thing of her in their conversation. There'd been the sound of people walking, breaking though the layer of ice with a sound that reminded her of breaking glass. She focused in on a group of people not far behind, probably also going back to school, but that wasn't why she'd focused on them. They'd been getting closer and closer over the last couple minutes, and a familiar voice had whispered an almost inaudible (to normal ears at least) shush at the others in the group.

She stopped and began to turn around, so slowly, at hearing the movement of fabric, so close, reaching for her. Her arm was pulled, and she turned far faster than she had begun. She pretended the weakling, her false struggles pointlessly vain. He laughed, delighting in her fruitless struggles.

"Dear Silence Dogood, dost though wish thee was stronger?" he asked, teasing her with the rather intelligent nickname he'd stuck to her, his eyes glittering, his lips turned up in a strange mix between a smirk and a smile.

She did not speak; she was indeed known as Silence, though she was not always silent. She merely judged when it was most necessary for her to speak, and this moment did not deserve such in her eyes. Yet, the moment did deserve action, direct and harsh. She swung her free hand, her fingers claws going for blood. He reacted quickly enough, and her nails caught the skin on the side of his throat, no wher near as deep as she would have liked, but it was enough. Blood dripped as she pulled her hand back, several red drops hitting the snow.

She stared at the blood on the snow, and then glanced at the blood on his neck, distantly aware that all were watching her. With a strength he was not expecting, she pulled from his grasp and took a step back, pulling away.

"What? Is little Silence afraid of a little blood?" someone teased bringing her back to the moment; he'd teased her.

"Fear has nothing to do with it," she whispered so that only he could hear her, having suddenly moved so that her face was merely inches from the bloodied scratches.

She moved ever so slightly, causing her hair to drape over his neck and shoulder. She was absolutely certain that no one but him would know if she dipped her head a little lower and took a taste. So she did. Her tongue slipped between her lips, and the tip met his bloodied flesh. Even before she'd completely licked away the wonderful life giving fluid, she was fighting the strong urge to do more than the light touch, wanting nothing more than to dig her protruding canines into his neck and drain him dry. Slowly, she moved back up to his ear, nipping it lightly and allowing the soft flesh to run along the side of one of her smooth fangs.

"Mmm, so good, got any hunters in your family?" she whispered, while forcing down her demon facade.

She stepped away, and he quickly pulled a tissue out of his pocket and put it to his neck, knowing it would do no good for him to let his friends see that the blood was gone. She met his eyes instantly, her eyes narrow, flashing yellow. For a moment he was convinced he'd been looking into the eyes of a cat, but he knew differently, he knew what she was.

Within a week, the four long scratches on his neck had healed. They'd been extremely shallow, and there was minimal scabbing. The theories he'd formed about her during the first semester were now proved. The black cloaked figure moving quickly from building to building sent the signals his mother had taught him up like flairs.

The following Friday, another had joined the campus, a new one, she hadn't touched any of the students, at least she hadn't taken one all the way into her dark world. He hadn't had a chance to meet this newest demon, supposidly a pretty cute freshman girl, who stuck pretty close to Silence.

"So, the truth's been revealed," his closest friend, Lee Rhyes, said, dropping a full tray across from him at the farthest, most secluded, table of the dinning hall.

"Truth? Which truth? This place is full of 'em waiting to come out," he rolled his eyes, taking another bite of the sandwitch he was calling dinner.

"Black cloak girl number two is not a new perminant fixture on campus, she's just visiting BCG number one," Lee explained. "Turns out they're sisters and number two is here while a small group from the school she goes to is up at the mountain for skiiing. Night skiiing only for BCG number two," he slipped into an over dramatic tonw, which seemed to cling to him like his love of acting, "for she is cursed with the same maledy as her sister."

"Silence has no sister...aw damnit, you've gotta stop that annoying way you talk, it's contagious," he snapped, with a mean glare. "Anyways, Silence has no sister, at least none that are still alive."

"Oh, wow, maybe we should've been nicer to her; it must be hard having a reanimated dead person for a sister," Lee replied, sounding sincere, but anyone that knew him, knew his uses of acting combined with sarcasm. "The dead one is pretty hot though, think I've got a chance with her?"

"You're probably not her blood type," he told his friend, half joking, half way being honest.

"Yea, thanks for the self-esteme help, remind me to come to you just before I open my college letters," and the bread went flying.

After the weekend was over, Silence's 'sister' was gone. He wondered what the other demon had really come for, but had no way of finding out. Not that there would have been anything he could have done had he found out. Things settled back to normal with no trouble at all, and there were no cases of people drained of all their blood.

She stood at the window of her dorm room, looking out on the small courtyard of the school's campus. All six of the main campus buildings were centered around the area of brick and grass. There were other buildings, of course, but they were outside the star.

The school had originally been built as a Jewish college in the early '40s and closed in the '60s. After going through more than a few sellings and buyings, it was bought in the '70s, by a wealthy man and turned into a boarding school, a non-religious boarding school. Relics of the college had been kept though, many still in the storage they'd been put into though the years between being a college and being a boarding school. The shape of the pathways, which had always been well kept, made a large Star of David. She liked this school, there were no crosses on the wall. Few people even thought of religion here; religion was thought of as an archaic institution. A popular thought in these modern days in the places she could do the most damage.

No one knew what she was, they had no idea what was lurking in the dark preparing to build an army, except him. Travis Reece. She had no doubt that he was the direct decendant of a major hunter, his grandmother she guessed, but the line was stronger. His blood just that much sweeter that she guessed there was another hunter in his family, that had he been born under the right conditions maybe he would have been as well, maybe a cousin or an aunt.

His knowledge of her was a problem she'd have to take care of. The light in her room was off, no one would see her in the window. It was nighttime, everyone was supposed to be in bed, except for seniors, they had an hour of extra time, an hour that only hindered her in her nightly trips. Tonight it would be an unfortunate inconvenience, unless he had dorm duty, which several seniors selected by the teachers had at least once a week to help the teachers out.


So yea, first chapter, not too long, I only have a little bit more of this story done, not sure if I'll keep going
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