S. (teh_author) wrote in teh_stories,

Gould Notebook Song #2.5 12-14-04

doesn't really count as a third song, just something I was messing around with when I was getting really annoyed with French...and all the little accents are gone, cause i can't figure out how to get them in, maybe I'll try something later and get them in, but not now...

Au revoir
Comment ca va?
Ca m'est egal.
Je comprend
Ca m'est egal.
Au revoir!

Good bye
How are you?
I don't care!

Of course I understand
I just don't care
Never really cared
You mean nothing to me

No obligations
No expectations
I absolve you of all
Let go, back off

You wouldn't come near
Oh well, fuck off
Come near and I'll scream

ok, after typing this up, I think I need to add a note that I was getting really pissed off at one guy actually, two guys, that I kind of liked around this time, so I was taking my anger out on the french language (both of the previous songs have to do with two different people)...
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