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First Post Blahs...

This is the first entry, and I have nothing witty to say...sadly I can't even figure out how to spell witty on my own, so we'll all get passed that. Mostly I'm doing this post while I work on some customization things...I just wanna make sure the comment stuff comes out the way I want it to. Later I'll start posting some of my stories.

Haha, this is funny, I first tried to post this and ended up putting it in my journal, then I went all around Robin Hood's barn* trying to get it so that I could post.

*Useless Fact:Robin Hood's barn is something my grandmother used to say when we drove past this random barn that used to on the corner near the mall in the city I used to live in, it was a red barn and that saying kinda stuck cause I really did like the barn, it made me sad when the got rid of it.
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