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Ok, so first I grabbed a pic of a model from foto_decadent, which is where I grab any pic of just random models (unless I go right to the photographer's webpage). That was Wednesday, and between Wednesday and today, I've been making a series of icons for this new HP fanfic I've been working on (I know, fangirl), except the icons are simply Ravenclaw, funny, no one really does icons for them. So I did that, but I won't do anything with them till I force the story into a word document. Then today I sat around making some icons of the necklace that used to belong to my great-grandmother. That's the one that I was lent for Snow Ball, then found out from GP that the aunts were planning on giving it away, meaning it wouldn't stay in the family. Happily enough, it was given to me, and I've been wearing it far too often lately, so there's some fun icons.

After that really long unnecessary thing:

1. 2. 3.
5. 6.

yes, that's me wearing the necklace, ^_^

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