S. (teh_author) wrote in teh_stories,

Gould notebook Song #2 (12-13-04)

Sarcastic, overly drastic,
No where near fantastic
At least not personality wise
Too absolutely sure you're perfect
Acting like you're God here
And no one ever things to question your rule

Heart breaker wannabe
Never gonna try, just gotta be
Gotta rule the world
Make it or break it
And fall apart and fly

Don't know anything about you
Never heard anything good
On the mysterious topic
Of you
You're a jerk
You're an ass
You're the most untouchable
Of all the bastards

You're so smart
You just assume
Nothing worse than perfect
But you're all alone
Way up there

New generations avoid you
Fear you, treat you like...
You're fabulous, gorgeous
I'm so over you
Tired of your damn
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