S. (teh_author) wrote in teh_stories,

Gould notebook Song #1 (12-13-04)

High fly,
Laces ain't tied
Not that I've even thought-
Maybe I should've tried
But I've given up
It's all no use to me

Standing tall
Face the fall
Won't go down
No chance no fight
No change, no ripple
No matter the height

You don't see
You can't see
What about me?
Here I am
Strong and tall
You brave the fall
I stay up
No chance no down

Hate the you of late
Jerk of all
King to those
Who are much worse
Free to flee,
But I can't, I won't
No freaking chance

Gotta bribe the dide
Go! no flow
Fried up
Lied to
Can't take it
Don't try!
Don't care!
Won't exist
No or ever
Not that I ever have

Invisible girl
Here beside you
You're just too blind
To look behind

Alone and cold
I walk not far
Air too dry
Hair's all friz
Not that anyone'd notice

No access
Moved on
Good bye
I leave now
Ill wished, long forgotten
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